Term used by older gamers to describe immature or younger gamers. Usually this is in reference to their attitude during gameplay or in lobbies. This attitude is usually include Racial slurs Unprovoked profanity or general poor behavior. Other activities by a Timmy may include playing music over communicators or just yelling nonsense. In game play a Timmy may team kill or glitch and exploit game bugs. This term is in reference to the South Park character
Timmy, "You guys Suck you are a bunch of N^&*%$ J^*^!" ****MUSIC BLARES THROUGH HEADSET****

Older Gamer, "You are such a timmie, where is my mute button?"
by Selden007 February 04, 2008
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So sexy and hot you want to do him on sight
*Timmy walks into view*

*Girls crowd around and begin ripping clothes off*

*Timmy says WTF?!*
by N01ze December 28, 2010
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the coolest south park charecter and he just plain out KIKS ASS
TIMMY! tim diddly tim tim tim! timmmmmay! TIMMY!
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004
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place where great coffee is sold.

background: oldest/largest coffee chain in canada

this is the short form for :Tim Hortons
Example: wanna go to timmies, and grab a coffee. Ok, as long as i get a double, double.
by Cancron July 25, 2004
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the ADHD kid in your class who makes you all laugh everyday. He usually comes into school wearing his PJs. He dosent care about his academics either.
Teacher B.

NAH...*continues twerking*


Student 1: omg remember that time in fifth grade when Timmy took his pants off and started sprinting around the school?

Student 2: Oh yeah! All the teachers were chasing him around for like 15 minutes until Timmy got spotted trying to hide in a trash can.

Student 1: good times...

Student 2: oh wait! there he is now!

*highschool age timmy is sprinting down the hallway in a creeper costume screaming random s**

*he accidentally rams into popular girl makenna*

Makenna: DAMMIT TIMMY!!!
by Starbucksandfieldhockey01 December 12, 2019
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A cute guy who normally has a nice six pack and gets all the girls. He is really nice and treats people with respect. He loves to play football and other sports. Girls love him for his personality and looks. He is popular and lots of people know him. He is the kind to date really attractive girls with names like, Cate, Brianna, Bella, Erika, etc. He is the kind of guy to stand up to a jerk. He is fearless and if you want to throw hands he isn't afraid to throw them right back. He's a guy that has lots of qualities a girl wants and is just all around a great guy.
Yo bro how did you get that girl? Your like a Timmy!
by dankdonkeyboi March 13, 2019
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