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Is a very intelligent girl. Often get lost by her wide range of vocabulary. In class she fits every category 1. The smart one 2. The popular one 3. The funny one 4. The one you don’t want to mess with and 5. The nice one. How? In class a new kid will walk in and she’ll offer them a seat, someone will give her crap about it and she’ll totally roast them and tell them to knock it off. Once class starts the teacher will ask a hard question and she’s always the first one to answer, and while giving an answer she’ll say a joke that gets the whole class going. Then after class is out people she doesn’t even know will know her name but she’ll get there name and is always down to make a new friend. Makenna often gets stepped on because of her kindness and trust. She’s always willing to forgive though. She’s a natural romantic at heart, she would make a great girlfriend. She is willing to do anything for her friends and is a natural leader. She loves anything creative. Music, acting, instruments, singing, dancing, drawing you name it she likes it. If you’re looking for a Makenna in a room look for the girl with a large crowd around her. She’s always talking fast, loud and a lot so it’s usually easy to find her. She is a prettty girl, many often complement her looks. Her style is any and everything, one day she’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt the next a body con dress. Makenna is over all a fun person to be around! If you don’t have a Makenna in your life you need to find one !
Boy 1: wow look at her.

Boy 2: yeah I know. I think I would love her if she wasn’t so intimidating

Boy 1. Same bro

Girl 1. Makenna is so cool I wish I was more like her
Girl 2. You wish.
by Hey sister December 04, 2018
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Makenna is a intelligent, beautiful, athletic girl and is good at making friends. Makenna is hard to get close to but she is friendly and wen she walks into a room her presence lights it up. Makenna has friends both boy and girl and is extremely loyal to her friends , and when she has one, she's loyal her boyfriend.Makennas are always underrated. Makennas are really good friends and will keep all your secrets.
I bet she's a Makenna
by geggreflex December 29, 2016
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Makenna is a very beautiful, sweet, shy girl. She doesn't like big crowds and is shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is one of the best people ever. Always there for you no matter what. Can have a hell of an attitude. She loves Netflix but also loves her friends. She will stand up for them no matter what. If you ever find a makenna keep her close, it'll be a good decision.
"Makenna is the best friend I have ever met"
by Elizabeth Brown May 05, 2017
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Makenna is so amazing,funny,kind,and lovely.She makes people smile and laugh everyday,she is so amazingly awesome.Makenna always smiles and is very happy.She loves you for being yourself.She is also one of the strongest girls you'll know.Without Makenna every thing would be boring and different .Makenna is an important person...Makenna is a true Best Friend.
Makenna is so funny
by Jean127 January 26, 2018
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Makenna is a girl who is very self conscious. She gets nervous about the way she looks or how she speaks. She is shy at times when it comes to meeting new people. But she makes friends easily. She doesn’t yell back in an argument she only respects the other person. She does things for herself and doesn’t regret. Sure there are some flaws like being happy on her own, and being lonely. But there’s obstacles around that. She’s just out of the ordinary. She’s not like anyone else once you get to know her. She just wants to stay out of drama and have a good time. But some things aren’t easy for her. She does cry and break down. But she knows she’ll be okay, she just has to get through some things first. She is loyal and drop dead gorgeous. But doesn’t realize it until someone tells her over and over. Even though she may deny it she does like being called beautiful. She’s one of the realest people you will come to know. And she will love every bit of someone she cares about. Though she might not get the same love and care in return, she’ll be okay, because she’ll get through the pain one day.
Biggest sweetheart of the century, for sure, goes to makenna.
by Asianppstinkygreengreenwithbbq November 18, 2018
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A funny, talented, crazy girl who stands out in a crowd. Though usually is very self-conscious about her appearance, most find her attractive and tend to naturally converse with her. A girl named Makenna tends to easily make friends and has a way of walking into a room, and instantly making people happy. She is dedicated to her friends, and, when she has one, her boyfriend. Don't mess with this girl, though, because she knows how to kick sum butt!
1. woah, did you see that new girl?

2. Yeah, she's so awesome and nice.

1. i bet she's a Makenna!
by izzy321 April 07, 2010
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