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1. When a female has completely removed all of her pubic hair, leaving a smooth tile surface.

2. A hairless pussy.

3. When a woman shaves her pubic hair or her carpet which is a thick, knotted mass of pubic hair just north of the vagina, leaving a smooth tile surface .
She needs to shave her carpet and go with tile.
by My Kraken January 22, 2017
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Pronounciation : Tie - El

Noun: A rectangular or square shaped object which is used to cover up objects, such as a roof or some decorative pavement. They are usually some sort of ceramic clay or a brand of stone.

Verb ( see tiling tiles ): To tile something.
Noun: Each tile was fitted neatly on the pavement.

Verb: The construction worker was briskly tiling the muddy ground with finely shaped crafts of stone.
by Estragon April 21, 2008
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A tile is a slang variant of idiot, fool, ignoramus, clown. Commonly used as a noun i.e. "He's such a tile." Less commonly as a verb: "Stop tiling around!" and even more infrequently as an adjective, as in "He does the most tiley things."
by SusieQ June 03, 2005
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<noun> Slang;

Used in reference to the paving slabs in the street resembling tiles that one may find in their kitchen or bathroom.
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER: "What are you doing tonight?"
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER 2: "I thought we could have a night on the tiles tonight."
SINGLE 20+ FEMALE BANK CASHIER: "Yeah, I could do with getting drunk, woo go Friday!" <raises arms to reveal angel wings>
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
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Tiles on the floor that make it possible to walk, and there’s a lot of them but it would be weird if they weren’t there.
by *chiquita.lolita. June 15, 2018
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