The sexiest female imaginable but won't take shit from anyone and will rip their ass to shreds if they fuck with her or someone close to her.
That sexy brunette is definitely a tigress, did you see her tear that guy apart that fucked with her friend?
by grrrawrrrr November 18, 2009
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A Tigress is a hot ass 40+ year old woman who's in her prime and fashions the look of a 25 year old and fucks like a tiger in heat. She not only is beautiful, energetic and adventurous int eh bedroom but also in every day life.
She is hot, hot hot.....and no one best mess with her she definately has her shit together and overall that is what attracts men to her when she is on and off the prowl....she releases a pheremone which drives them wild from her sheer exotic and sexy ways.
She is not a MILF nor a Cougar, but a class of her own, Only certian women get to be a Tigress and she as well as others know a Tigress from any other beast, Wild Cat or suggested category, she is unique and one of a kind woman that are hard to come by and few and far between an all natural beautiful woman.....She roars when she wants to be heard...........
"Check that Tigress out, she is one hot mama, can you smell her scent and see her exotic look??"

"The Tigress has got her shit together and carries herself very sexy!"
by MSGARBO January 15, 2010
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A term that refers to one of the many mistresses of Tiger Woods.
C'mon! Tiger Woods + Mistress = Tigress. That's the joke! Not that hard is it?
by Roccobury January 14, 2010
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an act of tigressing; multiple adulteries on a scale that only Tiger Woods and maybe Jesse James could grasp.
Tiger Woods and Jesse James commited the most famous tigressions of the 2010 calendar year.
by b_lit December 17, 2010
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A young female adult with an infatuation for older men. Just the sight of an older man makes her want to ride his shriveled man meat possibly causing death in the process. She keeps nitroglycerin and Viagra handy in her purse at all times for when the moment is right.
Damn son, I can't believe that tigress got hired up in the retirement home my granddad is at. Guess I'll be going to that dirty ole bastards funeral sooner than later.
by Big Cat 1 January 21, 2013
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a gay superhero who fights crime and looks like a gay tiger and he also rocks the mohawk....he has had epic battles with people such as Dr.Doom at Universal Studios
like a character from marvel...only gayer and possibly a little fatter
by nick April 12, 2005
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A slang term for a particularly fierce woman, in various social situations, such as clubs, parties, and even in the office. Their behavior usually leads to them "spending the night," with their male conquest, often to leave them the next morning, and avoid any contact with them ever again.
Ken: Wow, that Isabelle girl is so fine!
George: You better be careful. I heard that she is a love tigress.
Ken: Fine with me!
by babybangs March 3, 2011
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