A woman other than his wife with whom a married man has an ongoing sexual relationship
by Allison July 15, 2003
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1.) a lonely female with no self-respect who willingly subjects herself to the marginal attention of married men
2.) enemy to the institution of marriage
3.) an example of female energy used for evil

4.) a married man's co-conspirator
5.) the puppet a married man keeps in his closet and pulls out only at night and only when no one else is around to witness its existance
6.) one who will never experience real romantic love, and seemingly has no desire for it

7.) a woman with no value other than that of sexual gratification
Recently, we have seen many famous men's lives and marriages come to ruin as a result of their relationships with a mistress(es).
by I said... February 5, 2010
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A guy has to have a girl to have a mistress/side girl. A guy with no girl has no mistress.
by Solid Mantis May 24, 2019
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A guy has to have a girl already to have a mistress. A guy has to want to have at least one girl in his life to have a mistress.
The guy with the mistress wanted to have not just one, but two girls. Meanwhile the guy with no mistress(es) never wanted to have a girl in his life in the first place.
by Solid Mantis May 24, 2019
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1. noun; In B/D and S/M, the woman who is dominant.
2. noun; Proper title of dominant woman in B/D and S/M relationship.
1. I am a dominant Mistress who is looking for a submissive slave to play with.
2. My name is Mistress Tiffany.
by J June 5, 2003
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Spare pussy to have when your wife or girlfriend is either on the rag or just not in the mood to straddle the cock. Traditionally a popular stress reliever in France, which might explain why they rarely wage wars these days.
After my wife tried the old "I have a headache" tactic for avoiding sex, I hopped over to the other side of town where my mistress gladly spread her legs for me.
by urban pervert November 1, 2003
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