When two men with globs of semen on the tips of their penises touch tips and then pull apart, creating a long string of semen, resembling a tightrope.
Bobby and Jimmy made a tightrope last night.
by Lil_Bird414 October 30, 2021
Where a dangerous situation can go either way.
Jeff is trying to pick up those two girls, and they're sisters! Jeff is fucking tightroping it.
by ChaseM October 5, 2007
1. (v) When a man gives his partner a pink sock then grips the intestinal tube with his cock still inside and pulls backwards and then has another person jump onto the extended coil.
As Paco gave Consuela a pink sock, he pulled it out and let his friend Pablo do a tiajuana tightrope.
by Speedo_spink August 14, 2006
The act of engaging in intercourse with a foley catheter in place.
Patient: “Hey doc, can I still slam the ol’ lady with this thing in my dick?”

Doctor: “Oh, you mean a Tuscaloosa Tightrope? Aaaaaaabsolutely.”
by LynchVegas August 23, 2019
When a woman is showing a wedgie both in the rear and front of her pants.
Boy, she's really riding the tightrope today!
by simon February 1, 2005
an act in which two men with erect cocks must face each other with either a woman or a man sitting (or standing) on the cocks
hey josh you wanna do a greek tightrope with me and jake tonight?
by bismarckwastaken April 4, 2022