The best character in Family Guy. A Hispanic maid who appears in several episodes.
Consuela: "Oh, no, doggie out! Afuera!"

Stewie: "This isn't Windex, but it's the store brand; it's just as good."
Consuela: "No, no... it leave a film."
Stewie: "I don't care about the film, just use it!"
Consuela: "No, no... I no can clean."
Stewie: "Ssshhhhhhhit."
by seastone130 March 17, 2010
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Universal name for a hotel maid.
"We need more towels. Call Consuela!"
by GreenMonter July 19, 2005
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No,No. We need more Lemon Pledge.....
Announcer: Is Mister John home?
Consuela: No, No. Mister John no home.
by TheAwokenMyth April 12, 2017
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(noun): Refers to fine sexy lady that is so hot you can tan off of her & has a vivacious/ravishing personality being a perfect 10 out of 10 on a scale of 1 being cold as ice and 10 being hot like fire. Very primped and always kept up on appearances. A consuela is great in bed and not afraid to show off her body or try new crazy things. Usually of Spanish decent, but not always. An opposite of a consuela would be a woady.
"Damn, look at that consuela that just walked in the club - she so fine!"

"I'm jealous of that consuela, I wish i looked as hot as her with her bump it and flawless, curvaceous body."
by Sylvester Henandez May 11, 2010
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Someone who doesn't try at anything and accepts failure.
Did you see that Consuela? She didn't even try to catch the ball.
by CannpinCarl June 11, 2011
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If you have a Consuela in your life, NEVER and I mean NEVER let her go. That b word Is a ride or die n will love you for who you are. She is no doubt the prettiest mother friggin lady you’ve ever seen, and it may seem as though any queries regarding love at first sight vanished when you met. Don’t let her go she will be good to you if you are good to her. Don’t forget that CUNTS!! Also stay away from my Consuela or I will fart in ur cereal no fuckin joke brah.
Consuela is beauty n elegance defined in the dictionary
by Prettiboy December 3, 2021
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a person more than just a maid name, the name of a unqiue gurl. and always get complents on the name espcially if she is not spanish.
her names consuela and she just black i like her name it rolls of the tounge.
by consuela-aka-swaye February 12, 2010
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