A viewer on Twitch who forks over their life savings for a streamer, normally a Woman. These men are normally overweight neckbeards who feel entitled to the love of the aforementioned streamer.
"Hey, insert female streamer's name here, is that a tier 3 sub looking in our window?"
by ExGinger May 17, 2020
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Cuck but more pathetic because you're paying to be one. Most often it is referred to as cult-like fanbase of Twitch thots
"Those fucking tier 3 subs man"

-A man who was attacked for the entire month by the simps because he said "2/10"
by Tegiho August 10, 2020
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A tier 3 sub is the highest subscription rank that you can buy on Twitch, and costs more than 5 times a tier 1 sub. The benefits of purchasing a tier 3 sub is negligible to none. The most you'll get are a few more emotes that tier 1 subs do not have. Therefore, very few people purchase it, and the ones that do are mainly very loyal fans who want to show their utmost support towards their favorite content creators. Can also be gifted as a very special present to someone.
Insert username here has subscribed to Quackity at Tier 3 for 6 months in advance!

Insert username here has gifted a tier 3 sub to Rectum_Impaler!
by UltimateDoge September 02, 2021
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