To tie up someone or something means to tie tht thing with hard chains,nd ropes...

Esp. to tie another person (a girl) up with some chains, string, ropes, in order to gain sexual pleasure from her.
A person with even can't move, relocate, turn around....
1.,Police tie up the man with chain, yesterday.
2.,Christian- Now I'm gonna tie u up so hard.
Ana- Thn, Wht'rew waitin for.
by Vab's Andy. May 21, 2020
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to use rope to restrain someone's hands, feet, or both.
Hey, tie up him.
no, don't tie my wrists and ankles.
by Tickle King February 14, 2016
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When a woman puts a soft shell taco around a mans dick and then he fucks her and she proceeds to eat it directly off his dick after.
I heard John and Sarah did a taco tie up last night, they are fucking disgusting.
by BIGHAIRYLARY November 24, 2019
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Killing or threatening someone in order to avoid events that will not be good for the person tying them.
A: Michael knows you stole his cash.
B: Guess I'll tie up loose ends.
by Xrantic November 12, 2013
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To do work. Finish tasks/chores
You going out tonight?
Hell yeah! I'm ready to tie up some loose ends. MEET ME!
by Robduq23 June 22, 2017
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