Tiddly is an uncommon word used to describe either male or female genetailia.
It is not exclusive to any gender so Tiddly can therefore mean 'Penis' or 'Vagina'

Tiddly is a word used mainly by very important people so that unimportant and unattractive people will not know what they are talking about.
Historians have concluded that the word Tiddly comes from a small area in Ireland known as Gibbstown.

The wonders of Tiddly have spread to nearby areas but it continues to only be used by the elite.
"That man has a very large Tiddly"
"My husbands dick is bigger"

"Did you see that woman scratching her Tiddly"
"Yes, how discusting"
by ItsTiddlyTime March 13, 2010
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adjective; used by Canadian sailors to define a party; beautiful; originated from the term tiddlywork which is a synonim for fancy ropework.
I'll take the tiddly party this time because I took the ugly one in the last port.

She's so tiddly, I'd crawl through six miles of broken glass on my hands and knees just to suck the cock that fucked her.
by Stoney Burke January 28, 2005
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One who is generally laggardly or lacks a specific purpose or direction. Synonymous with turtle jerker.
Gabe is such a tiddly boy, he got his arse diddled by Josh Baer at Capital Factory and liked it.
by L_Hol October 14, 2019
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From the British childrens television program 'The Hoobs'.
Used to describe children dwelling on earth.
"We're off to see the Tiddly peeps, on the road we go!"
by Iver, Groove & Tula April 9, 2004
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Tiddly-wooing is a hardcore sport developed by residents of Staffordshire in England. This sport involves using any long, phallic object such as a stick or pencil-case to poke, or ram into a person's clothed arse. When the poking is in process it is neccessary for the poker to shout tiddly-woo, or on rare occasions, xabi alonso. Anyone in the area may be tiddly-wooed, whether they are fellow competitors or passers-by. Tiddly-wooing should be played as a group game, as it is considered gay to tiddly-woo alone. To be tiddly-wooed is the ultimate insult to many, it often results in efforts for revenge and suicide.
"Let's tiddly-woo Kingy!"

"It's tiddly-woo time, everyone put your backs to the wall!"

"Where's Mark?"
"He got gang-tiddly-wooed and the shame was too much... he threw himself off a bridge."
by Pierre Von Snout September 29, 2006
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The act of mating, no matter the gender. Mostly found in progress within back alley ways.
by Barbie1423 January 19, 2011
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When you take your middle finger and jam it up a lion's ass and scream ROAR MUDDA FUCKA.
"I gave that piece of shit the Tiddly Winkler."
"Oh god."
by BoomBoomBoomIWantUInMyRoom November 29, 2017
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