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Tiddly-wooing is a hardcore sport developed by residents of Staffordshire in England. This sport involves using any long, phallic object such as a stick or pencil-case to poke, or ram into a person's clothed arse. When the poking is in process it is neccessary for the poker to shout tiddly-woo, or on rare occasions, xabi alonso. Anyone in the area may be tiddly-wooed, whether they are fellow competitors or passers-by. Tiddly-wooing should be played as a group game, as it is considered gay to tiddly-woo alone. To be tiddly-wooed is the ultimate insult to many, it often results in efforts for revenge and suicide.
"Let's tiddly-woo Kingy!"

"It's tiddly-woo time, everyone put your backs to the wall!"

"Where's Mark?"
"He got gang-tiddly-wooed and the shame was too much... he threw himself off a bridge."
by Pierre Von Snout September 29, 2006
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