When a man is very king like, in a king state of mind, exhibits a king like mood, or looks like a king.
Wow, Jason you look so Kingy today!
by King Jeezy Chi December 26, 2022
This guy is the best, hes handsome lovely generous and a great lover - hes got the biggest dick ever and u can suck forever
by DMX March 11, 2004
UK slang for a large “King-Sizerolling paper, usually used for spliffs or joints.
“Got any kingies?”
“Nah man but I’ve got some smalls
Fuck sake I can’t be arsed to stick them”
by Largeinvertednipples October 19, 2018
1. mine

2. this boy is so super fly, hes hot as, hes got the beats, hes got the looks,hes got a damn good heart, n im his girl for life...

hottest islander ever.
"kingy, its jakki, im comin over this wednesday to get summa ur fine-ness...cos ya know i love you"

"no one touches my kingy"

"kingy we go together like cookies and milk"
by jakki12 June 14, 2007
Cunt, narcissistic self absorbed spineless bastard.scab. lacking in genitalia.

Alternatively instead of using the word "cunt" try replacing with "kingi" next time you feel the need to use foul language insult someone with a smile theyll never know. . But u will. Fucking kingi ♥
"Man that guy over there is a good kingi "

"Hes such a kingi"

"Why you being such a kingi"

"That chick is such a uneducated kingi"

"I hate kingis"

"My ex girlfriend is such a kingi"
by department of psychology April 25, 2014
Causes hell on Cellstreet.com...
annoys fat 25stone Dave!
by knacker August 8, 2004