Having a really loud stereo system in a car with has a lot of bass, typically enough to hear a block away.
Man that donk is thumping nigga. I don't know who it is, but I can hear it from like three blocks away.
by emoc December 23, 2004
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An advanced version of pounding. A form of highly aggressive, slow-paced sex where you must thrust as hard as you can while pulling her towards you in one motion. You MUST only thump her ONCE EVERY 3 SECONDS! If this is done quicker, she will be in an extreme amount of pain and will be unable to walk. Thumping is usually performed after having sex at your peak level of speed
Well, last night was incredible. I was THUMPING her!! I THUMPED her so hard, she calls me Thumper now!
by Dr. Choonie PhD December 4, 2010
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Taking your hard cock and smacking your woman (or man if you're a pole smoker) on the forehead.
I was thumping my woman last night before I fucked her good.
by Sandy Dinger September 22, 2006
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To be high on herion. People usually thump the needle before they poke themselves.
At the party she was high on weed but I was thumping the whole time
by AverageboyGabe October 23, 2015
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Alexandrrrrrrria Ocasio-Cortez when she gains 100 more pounds in 2030 and starts walking up the steps to the captiol, then you'll hear that.
Alex Stein: Hey its my big fat booty latina, not looking hot though. Did you gain weight from sittin in all day with your mask on?

by Skyrim550 August 28, 2022
"Dude, what happened to Mark's face?"
"He started some shit at the bar last night. Got thumped pretty bad."
by L33tLara June 11, 2009
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Refering to the hard hitting bass that is produced from high powered stereo systems.
Hey Carl, how hard does your system thump?
by Travis October 2, 2003
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