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to insult someone, and/or act as if you are better than them. you have to be pretty "urban" to know this word. originated in the dirty south.
Man! Dat mudafucka been yeastin' me dawg! I'm gonna have to go splack dat man's car and run him over cuhz.

Pronounciation Help: Just add a 'ing' after yeast, and if you're pretty ghetto you'll forget all about that non-formal 'g' and say yeastin'!
by emoc December 21, 2004
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Joey is serving ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine and mushrooms. My other friend Carlos is selling acid, percocets, crack and amphetamines though. Who do you want to call?
by emoc December 23, 2004
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Someone who likes doing drugs, a lot. Any drug, they'll probably try it out or do it as much as possible depending on how much they like each particular drug.
Steve's a basser nigga, don't hang around him too long he always wants to get fucked up and try some new shit. Last time I hung out with him he offered me crack and I called him a basser. Then he started crying, I felt bad but I don't want to hang out with crackheads.
by emoc December 23, 2004
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A basser is a person who is into a lot of drugs. Someone who really enjoys experimenting with them.
Damn dude, you hear about that guy Freddy? He's a basser now man, he's doing everything on the plate like whoa, fo sho.
by emoc December 26, 2005
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A donk is a vehicle such as a Cutlass Supreme, Caprice Classic, Impala, or a Monte Carlo. Mainly referring to the old school models of these cars.
by emoc December 23, 2004
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Having a really loud stereo system in a car with has a lot of bass, typically enough to hear a block away.
Man that donk is thumping nigga. I don't know who it is, but I can hear it from like three blocks away.
by emoc December 23, 2004
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A box where you have set up everything you need to grow marijuana in.
Dude, this kid bought a grow box about two months ago and his plants are growing potent as fuck!
by emoc December 23, 2004
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