When a person is onnat 24/7 and is respected my many. Amosc@laryusljd
Laryus so mf thrusted
by RYGWOP June 23, 2019
Moving your dick foward at yeet-level speeds
Eugene: Having you ever tryed thrusting into cheese wheel
Normal dude: DAFUQ, this is why you dont have a girlfriend
by Zip zop zot begone thot June 1, 2018
When a guy's penis moves really fast inside a girls pussy causing her to scream really loud!
Chad and Kiersten were goofing off at kmart and saw a Mattress display Chad threw Kiersten on the bed ripped off her clothes and started Thrusting her in the middle of the store.
by SlopNChop December 7, 2016
The act of shoving something hard usually a penis, dildo or fingers
Alex thrusted his penis into maxine
by Hot stories January 5, 2021
A man or woman moving in and out of a woman's pussy when they're fucking. The faster a man or woman will thrust, usually leads to orgasm or can make the woman cum that they're fucking.
I thrust when I fuck her
It brings her such pleasure
I'm gonna give her an orgasm and make her cum again
by Grindin October 31, 2019
when a guy goes in and out of a girls vagina really fast getting ready to cum, kind of like humping
I love the way it feels when he thrusts.
by michael garcia June 25, 2006
When a guy moves his cock or a girl moves a dildo in and out of a girl's pussy while fucking
Hey did you see me thrust in and out of Alexia last night when we were fucking
I was thrusting she was screaming and moaning in pleasure
by Grindin February 15, 2020