A catalogue & genre on its own combining both Hip - Hop culture & Punk culture together
“look at his out fit bro , that shit so thrax

Playboi carti is definitely on that thrax shit with his music ”
“They don’t give a fuck they’re on their thrax shit”
Thrax bitch “
by 1UP January 26, 2022
To compliment the taste of a food or drink.
John: Did you eat that steak I made?

Dean: Yeah, it was thrax.
by Dakiidash February 28, 2022
verb: infinitive
To beat, to strike, to intoxicate, or to copulate with. synonym: fuck
"I thraxed them cheeks."
by An Dnysian October 18, 2022
A way to describe a really got rock of Crack Cocaine.
Man, this rock is thrax!
by Ain't no pity in Simon city. October 5, 2017
Good weed OR used as a stamp of approval. To describe something that is good quality, fire, or gas.
That song is thrax!
This shit some thrax!
by toddsack February 27, 2022
Short for Anthrax. Meaning dangerous, deadly, or not to be fucked with. To Describe something that goes hard af. Used whenever terms like “fire” or “lit” is not sufficient enough to describe how hard something is.
1.Have you heard that bitch rap? Shit is THRAX.
by SpecklemyFreckle April 3, 2020