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Pronunciation: Forn or F*** YOU
Origin: Destiny

Thorn is a hand canon in the game Destiny. It used to be horrible but it was buffed. Thorn has perk that gives a burn which deals damage over time. Thorn is capable of a two hit kill because of this and is known as the most hated gun in the game. If you go onto Bungie.net it's the most complained about.
2)They're beating me. I have no skill. Switching to Thorn!
by Paradise Paradox July 20, 2015

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Damn Daniel is a phrase that has risen to popularity in 2016. The phrase started from a Vine where a friend says "Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans!" The phrase has now been used in real life situations so that someone can torment their friend Daniel. If your name is Daniel, prepared to get tormented for life :)
"Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans!"
by Paradise Paradox August 24, 2016

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