THE COCK... OH MY GOD THE COCK. On the way down to this devilishly delicious Duke of Dicks, you may catch passing glimpses of his intellect, kind heart, and curious mind... But let's be real, you're just too hung up (literally) on those ruggish good looks, you forget the world outside of his tremendous phallus.
Squealing girl: "I bagged a Terence!!! Til death do us fuck!"

Dude 1: "Wait you sucked him off?? I thought you were straight?"
Dude 2: "I don't know bro, I just lost control. The dude was a total Terence."
by Mr. LadyPants February 22, 2021
Awesome, wonderful, interesting guy with hell of an amazing personality and smashing good looks...keeper for sure!
by D0mino February 5, 2010
Best husband in the world. Loves the outdoors is a adventurer. Favorite hobbies are fishing, hunting, mud riding. A true country boy.
I married me a Terence.
by The Dragons Wife January 13, 2013
The best dancer ever, nice young gentleman loves to party and hangout
The best dancer is Terence
by Tbelitt March 13, 2017
An evil force. These types of people tend to be 67 year old British men leaving 1 star reviews on everything in britain
"yo I hated that fuckin shop. Might go do a Terence"
by Jusyoniox March 30, 2022
A Terence is a slang word for a man who likes ladies things.

Used by the popular "Terence the Transvestite Teddy"
You are a right Terence in that hat Bob.
One whom dresses in ladies gowns and enjoys slapstick violence. Often cuddly and fluffy.
"Steve is a right Terence"

Probable origin: Internet craze of Terence the Transvestite Teddy
by TerencetheTeddy May 4, 2007