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A band from St. Louis, MO, consisting of two members: Britton Campbell and Adam Gardner. They're actually quite good, with great-sounding music and melody and really meaningful lyrics, as opposed to some other *ahem* whiny bands. Listening to their music kind of makes your chest fill with something similar to a mixture of hope and happiness.

They're rapidly gaining popularity, so be sure to become a fan and see a few shows of theirs, before they become so big that the chances of getting to meet them drop slim-to-none.
Inquisitive Child: Oh, wiser, older, more intelligent connoisseur of music, what's a genuinely good, non-whiny band that has really cool guys in it that are just too adorable for words?

Connoisseur of Music: Oh dear, sweet, naiive young one, simply go to, and your question will be answered. (This Is Energy)
by connoisseur_of_music221 September 13, 2009
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An amazing band from st. louis,missouri.
With 2 members named Adam and Britton. They are both pretty hot and chill.
-Did you hear This is Energy?
-Yeah, it rocks!
by Justina_K January 04, 2009
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