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A certain feeling, mood, or aura that something or someone appears to emit or possess.

Energy used like this can mean many things ranging from how a specific line group feels to appear in digital art, or how a person's stance changes the feeling you get when you look at them, or how a certain font feels to read, or even how specific letter capitalisation can affect the energy of a message.

Energy is essentially an unexplainable underlying feeling that a group of stimuli has, anything and everything has an energy, but it can never be explained with words.
Typing like this, with perfect grammar and punctuation produces a specific energy.

typing like this with bad grammar and no punctuation has a different energy

or even with no capitalization, big words, and proper punctuation and even a period at the end produces a uniquely different energy.
by hudzell September 3, 2020
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"this game is dogshit"

sounds like a proficiency problem to me
by hudzell September 7, 2021
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Placed as an interjection at the beginning of a sentence. Generally used to add emphasis, similarly to "like" or "literally".

It is most commonly used by female or queer teens.
A: *opinion B agrees with*
B: no because you are 100% right

A: last night i had chicken salad
B: no because same
by hudzell March 27, 2022
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