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one of my more favoured Ghettoisms, "This; That; and The Third" is the natural progression of "This and That."

it's like, Extra Shit on top of Shit that's already there, 'n' shit.

Incidentally, it is usually at an attempt to sound ... Edumacated, when you can observe a Ghetto Muther|Fucker (or a White Trash-nikka) use that phrase.

this term's usage is sorta similar to "ad nauseam" + "and so on," i guess.

you can also write It like "This -- That --- and The Third" or "This ... That ..... and The Third.......", if you want to: The Sky's The Limit.
person 3: "...and, well, you know i got dis Car Note i need to take care of -- if it ain't One Thing, then, it's anotha mutha|fuckin' thing, for a nigga."

person 1: "word|word. a-yo: yesterday, out at Da Dox, i ran into my Old Bitch; she wuz out wit' dis *Pimp* Muther|Fucka."

person 2: "a'ight. well, what you do, nikka?"

person 1: "what I do? _you_ know what da fuck I did: i gave that Bitch and That Nigga a nod, and kep' walkin' tha fuck on. i ain't try'na fuck wit'um, 'n' shit -- That Dude she was wit' was like 2-times my size."

person 3: "i feel ya. yeah, i wouldn't want you comin' back here wit'uh Busted Head, foolin' wit'uh dude you ain't even got no bit'niss Starin' At, cock-eyed. you'd be comin' back hurr, talkin' about 'oh **My Eye!!** **My Eye!!**,' an' then i'd have to patch your little sorry ass up."

person 2: "Mmm hm; an' I don't wanna hafta be tha one who hears your sorry little '´Got My Ass Whipped' Stories, either. 'He beat me. 'He stuck his foot so far up my asshole I was able to lick his shoe. 'He was lookin' at me all Broke|Back-like!!' and, you know: This; That; and The Third."

person 1: "oh, You ain't gotta worry ´bout _that_, shaw'dee: ´mutha|fuckah try Dat Shit on me, and i'd shank his fuckin' ass -- ´use his lil' faggy-ass Pimp Cane if i got to. ´don't care *how* big the nikka is, for r'il/for 'ril."

person 3: "ha haa."

person 2: "exactly."
by ****Rock|Rock**** June 16, 2006
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