The term used commonly to poke fun at someone who has made either a spelling or gramatical error whilst trying to appear as a person of intelligence. This is emphasised with the intentional mispronounciation of the word "educated".
Sarah: "I really hope they make an inception for me, seeing as how I'm new to this."

Luke: "It's exception idiot. Damn, I can tell that you've been well edumacated.
by LoopholeTT June 21, 2009
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Term for a person who has a good education but is still an idiot.

Simple observation shows that 80% of people are edumacated.

My highly qualified unemployment advisor told me that I needed to take basic reading & writing classes.
He also wrote that I was going to look to local youth clubs for "advise" regarding work.
by I got stank in my eyes March 15, 2010
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Used to refer to an education that someone received at a crappy school, or a lack of education all together.
I received my edumacation at Willits High School.
by zanny May 27, 2004
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The Homerized version of educate. Other examples include Gradumacation, Saxamophone, Trampampoline and Translamacation
"Can you edumacate me in the ways of the saxamophone?"
"Let me translamacate it for you while we play on the trampampoline"
by Stitch Groover June 12, 2005
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Ed-yoo-ma-ca-shion To learn new things in stinky school place
by AM BIG SMORT June 16, 2020
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higher education, but intentionally misspelled and pronounced in a wry, ironic manner so as to imply the practical irrelevance of, misprioritization towards, and / or conformity in, obtaining the degree(s) in question.

You use this word when:
1. The degree choice itself is impractical (gender studies, liberal arts, etc).
2. The decision to get a degree at all is impractical and questionable for the person in question (overkill or not needed for the chosen field, unaffordable student loans, bad life timing, etc).
3. You want to subtly hint that the person in question is not intelligent enough for the real world anyway and so higher education would not improve their chances in life, which ties back to #2.
4. You want to not-so-sutbly mock the conformist nature of obtaining a degree for the sake of obtaining a degree, since degrees are now commonplace and everyone and their dog now has one, so they are no longer valuable or exceptional to have aside from ticking a resume box for the 'system'.
So, you're telling me that instead of having a family in your twenties and avoiding the rat-race until you can truly focus on it long-term (when your kids are grown in your forties), you'll get your edumacation so as to pursue your career for corporations that only view you by the profit margins you can make them, and wait until the wall hits in your thirties to realise that climbing the corporate ladder alone is not a particularly fulfilling life path. Got it.
by Ashraile August 2, 2022
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A form of educate meaning to educate the ignorant in particular, a very word in southern michigan and used in other locations internationally.
kid 1: "the movie madagascar is based on a fake place"

kid 2: "no its real"

kid 3: "yeah look at the map its real"

kid 2: "dude you just got edumacated"
by P. I. G. August 12, 2011
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