1a. someone who pisses you off, but not to the extent of homicide
2a. lesser version of fucka, fucker, or fuckface
"That stupid fuckah spilled my soda!" *note: not a homicidal situation*
by Damien April 15, 2003
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Same as mother fucker but its how chinese people say it because of the way they talk.
Oh my gat look at dat mudah fuckah he dont even know how to use chopsticks!
by MC Triangle Head January 17, 2012
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like mother fucker. it is a cooler and nicer way for some to say it.
wut a muduh fuckah. he gave me an F
by Jack March 26, 2005
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1. One who has sex with a mother
2. An insult
3. An interjection
Get that mudah fuckah.
by BLACK GUY WITH 55s January 28, 2010
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a joking term used when 'myspacing' your friends
shit man whaddafux up mo fuckah?
by kicks11 May 10, 2009
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