1. going shopping
2. shopping for a certain item
1. I'm shoppin' right now.
2. I'm shoppin' for some boots.
by Asian_persuasion3 December 18, 2013
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When a male goes to a party and hits up 3 or more females of different races
Nick went to that party and was shoppin it with shanelle, sarah and ming
by THE SHOp March 8, 2007
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Humans, of the female sex persuasion, are generally inclined to engage in the act of commerce. To that end, women do tend to engage in retail commercial transactions for receipt of items in exchange for currency. Likewise, it is a fact that females in all age brackets thoroughly enjoy the commerce related activities.
Whilst cruising the local retail centre, and upon observing several female patrons huddled together handling multiple containers of newly-purchased items, a young man glances at his cohort and says simply: "Women be shoppin'!"
by Rion & The Fond (c/o Swell) August 11, 2010
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Interchangeable with "whatever", "fuck it", etc.
Used to express indifference or contempt. Also great when implying that something or someone should be considered beneath one's self. Pharse can stand alone.
"The client asked for the files, then changed their mind after I'd spent days on it... bitches be shoppin'."


"Chick, I told you I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Bitches be shoppin'... I'm starving. I'll eat it anyway."
by Nikki Angell June 20, 2006
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The act of finding fly ass womenz. Usually done while bending the block or in da club
"hey holmes you talkin about shawty shoppin tonight"/
"Yeah mang lets go bend da block"
by Pullin hoes July 12, 2008
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Bop (girl who gives head) bop shopping is when dude or girls, go out looking for bops.

lo?key purple gee.
Me and my dudes went bop shoppin last night.
by lo?key purple gee July 15, 2009
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When one goes searching for the blackest female in the building it is known as midnight shoppin.

If one goes midnight shoppin on both friday and saturday nights in the same weekend it is known as a shopping spree.
Diablo was doing some midnight shoppin at the bar last night.
by BoVag January 20, 2008
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