Wife: Ahhh... The baby is coming, now!! This is madness!!

Husband: Baby? Madness, huh? THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!

*kicks the baby back into the pussy*
by Wordworm79 January 08, 2012
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A meme from the film "300" in which a defiant king kicks a arrogant messenger into a deep well and to his death.

While shouting "This Is Sparta!"

The meaning is that the person to whom the phrase is directed towards simply does not understand whom they're dealing with and the phrase is a signal of defiance for not understanding the rules by which the first party lives by. To be defiant against the assumed authority of another.
New supervisor to experienced worker: Um you can't do that, Mr Gleason, your new manager wants you to put the widget here even and not where it fits best.

Experienced worker: "This Is Sparta! < puts the widget where it belongs > and everything works.

New supervisor: <quiet>
by UltraBueno1 January 12, 2018
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A phrase that people put in their signatures to appear cool, because the average noob does not know what "THIS IS SPARRTTAAAA" means, but realizes if he did know what it meant, it would be rather funny.
Johns Signature: THIS IS SPARTA D<
Noob: lol! wait wha?
by Ivy Shyzz January 25, 2008
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The best line in the whole universe. Use it when you are going to deliver a finishing move on somebody you completely hate.
Class Bully- Take this, you stupid Star Trek nerd!
Nerd- Please, no!
You- I hate him more than you do. (you kick the nerd)
Nerd starts crying
You about to give him a broken rib- THIS IS SPARTA!!
the nerd goes through the floor and into the worst school lunches ever.
by Junkyard Squirrel July 28, 2010
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When the girl is giving a guy head and as he cums, he kicks her in the chest and yells "THIS IS SPARTA!!!"
Harry: Yo dude last night I performed the "This is Sparta!!!" a girl so hard I think I broke one of her ribs!
Adam: High five!
by The Sexual Spartan August 18, 2009
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One of those overused and very unfunny phrases taken from a mediocre movie that all the little kiddies and "broskies" love.

Upon yelling this phrase, in a poorly attempted 'gruff man-voice', everyone in the vicinity is quickly alerted to your high levels immaturity and unoriginality. As well as how annoying you are.
12 year-old #1: THIS IS SPARTA!!!

Anyone else: Shut the fuck up...
by Winterbottom... September 01, 2010
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