Used in the UK to refer to someone who is stupid, idiotic, retarded etc. One who is 'thick' is a 'thicko'.
Michael: You're such a thicko. You fail every test you take. Thick as pig's shit. Useless like your mother.

Michael's son: I can't wait until I'm old enough to move out!

Michael: Me neither!

Michael's son: I HATE YOU!
by JoeyJoeJoington February 08, 2011
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a person who annoys you with their tendencies to not know anything yuor talking about, doesnt mean that they aint bright just that they annoy you when you really wanna say something and the keep saying, who? what? why? when? where? arrrrrrgh! always the 'wh-' questions!
A:you know that lad we saw saturday right?
B:Which one?
A:The fit one?
B: There was loadsa fit lads that night!
A: The one Ive been on about ever since I laid eyes on him!!!
B: hang on a minute where was we when we met him? What did he look like? was he tall? small? dark? blonde? (about to sing "its rainin men!"
A: in the erm oh shut up you thicko!!!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
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Thicko mode is a descendent of Travis Scott’s “Sicko mode”. Usually how one might discribe a friday night. You’re so pumped to get completely blacked out, but everything is more funny with a TH. THAT is how thicko mode evolved. It’s a full theme on BOOZE BABY (Alan thucks a lot of dick)
Pre Gabe: Are you ready to fuxking send it tonight? THICKO MODE ALL NIGHT BABY

Chaz: Can’t wait to be in thicko mode, I don’t wanna remember my name! THICKO MODE!!!!
by Gabayo March 29, 2019
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john: hey mike that was so cool what you did
mike tyson: yea dude it was thicko mode
by Steven Hawking School of Dance February 04, 2020
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Oi hey Matilda has a pretty face but a thick brain

Ohh do you mean she’s a pretty thicko
by bmoore665 September 16, 2020
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Thicko possesses his friends at 3 am he eats toes
Lavern: ew what is that

Eva: that’s Thicko licking your toes
Tiner: run queefs
by Queef Demon August 09, 2021
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