1. A typo of the word "your"
2. also means "mine"
oi! if you dont mind, thats yuor!
by dodgey May 10, 2005
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This "word" is what happens when you are typing "you're", but misspell it. You forgot the apostrophe ('), and misspelled "you". The example sentence is someone messaging their friends.
"yuore going to the dance tonight, right?"
by Inf1e October 13, 2020
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the last resort insult that 10 year olds use when playing call of duty modern warfare and die to a sweat over and over again
sweat: I killed you 10 times bro how are you so trash
10 year old: YuOr GAy
by mr georgy the handgun September 13, 2023
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An intentional misspelling of the word “you’re”, usually in response to someone correcting another persons use of the word “your”.
Actually its youre*”

“Yuore 🤓”
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me 🤞
can i be doing yuor mom????????”
by give me vagina January 7, 2023
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