Retired Pro Boxer, who became the youngest heavyweight champion in history by knocking out trevor berbick in the 2nd round, born in brownsville brooklyn ny, he was arrested and sent to the state penitentary at the age of 12 he spent 18 months there until he met a guard called stewart where he introduced him to cus d'amato who was an old trainer who made 2 boxers famous ( floyd patterson and jose torres ). Quickly damato adopted tyson at the age of 13, then he, kevin rooney and teddy atlas made tyson a boxer who had an excelent amateur career, turned pro at 18, he quickly went on a winning streak knocking out his first 19 opponents, after the 19 he won 2 other fights for the first time as DECISIONS but then continue the knockout rampage, he became the undisputed heavyweight champion (by winning the WBC title belt, IBF title belt, and WBA title belt). he defended his title 6 times, after the michael spinks knock out win, tyson fired kevin rooney as his trainer, after doing so, his ability started to decrease, but winning those couple of fights, then he faced James Buster Douglas for the undisputed world heavyweight championship in tokyo japan in 1990.

The odds of douglas winning where 42-1 (meaning that almost everyone in the world thought tyson was the baddest man in the planet, not beatable. when the fight began, douglas fought perfectly, mostly keeping tyson outside with his jabs, but in the 8th round tyson caught douglas with a left uppercut that sent douglas to the floor, he rosed up at 9, after getting up he was saved by the bell, in the 9 round douglas sent tyson a right uppercutt, tyson being shocked by it then got hit by a left-right-left combo that sent mike to the canvas (even his mouthpiece went out), tyson struggling to get up and groaping for the mouthpiece was counted out, he lost his undisputed title, many label this fight as the biggest upset in boxing history, it sent shockwaves to the world, seeing the baddest man on the planet being knocked out, suddenly after douglas won the title from tyson he got knocked out by holyfield in the same year (1990).

Right after tyson lost, he continued koing people but then he started getting in trouble with the law, being accused by former miss black rhode island desire washington, she claimed that tyson raped her. he served 4 years in prison from late 1991 to late 1995. In 1995 he quickly knocked out 2 boxers (mcneely and buster mathis jr) in the beginning of 1996 he challenged WBC champion frank bruno, he knocked out bruno for the 2nd time to win the wbc title, after the bruno fight he challenged wba champion bruce seldon knocking out seldon in the first round, after the fight evander holyfield challenged tyson for his both titles (WBC AND WBA), holyfield knocked out tyson in the 11th round, but a rematch happened in 1997, but this fight, tyson bited evander holyfield's both ears, tyson said he had to retaliate to a powerless headbutt holyfield gave to tyson which left him a cut above his eye, after biting holyfield's ears tyson was disqualified, and was suspended by the nevada atheltic commission for 1 year and a fine of 2 million dollars.

Tyson returned to the ring in 1999 to face south african boxer francois botha, he quickly knocked out botha in the 5 with a right hand, Following this fight he faced orlin norris, the fight was ruled a NO CONTEST (NC) for unknown reasons. After the norris fight he faced 2 more boxers lou savarese and julius francis, both lost to tyson in 2000.

In the same year he fought andrew golotta, he knocked out golotta in the 3rd round, but after the fight it was ruled a NO CONTEST, tyson tested positive for marijuana use. In the beginning of 2001 he faced brian nielsen, he knocked him out. In late 2002 he challenged then-undisputed champion lennox lewis, in the press conference tyson had a fight with lewis, but after the fight was controlled he got into an arguement with a press member, lennox lewis ended knocking tyson out in the 8th round. after getting knocked out by lenox lewis, he faced clifford etienne, he quickly knocked out etienne in the first round.

He then faced england's danny williams , but got knocked out by him in the first round. He then faced kevin mcbride, but tyson quit while being knocked down, in the interview in the end tyson stated that he no longer had guts like he used to back then in his prime, after the fight he retired from professional boxing.
mike tyson is the best boxer in the history
by gfgfbtgtr September 17, 2007
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Very funny idiot who likes to stomp on people's testicles and eat children, and sees women as objects.
"I wish some of you guys had children for I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles..."

"He called me a rapist and a recluse. I am not a recluse."
by James... June 26, 2004
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The man with a tattoo on his face, his quote books is probably longer than his rap sheet.
"I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."
by KRHimself June 1, 2004
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Just another example of what could happen if you never pick up a book
Mike Tyson: Call 1-800 Cceee Aye Ell El Aye Titi.
by christopher ess October 15, 2005
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to rage and beat the hell out of someone that has pissed you off
"If you keep talking trash man, im gonna go mike tyson on your ass"
by vavillain August 28, 2006
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hey! If you don't stop touching my ass Jarrod, I'm gonna go Mike Tyson on you!
by your momma August 5, 2003
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