What you say when you're the impostor and get blamed for venting but didn't actually vent but can't say anything against it or else you'll be voted out.
Red is sus I saw them vent
by tsu7448 January 07, 2021
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1. A court jester
2. A clumsy or stupid person who is pitied by Mr.T
1. Bring me my fool, i am in need of entertainment.
2. Ah pity the fool who tries to mess with T.
by YoHansII January 21, 2004
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Word for a friend. Interchangeable with homeboy or vato.
"Aw fool you know I tasted that honey dip last night."

"You can come to the picnick but you better bring some forties fool."
by Tribbett May 03, 2013
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Anthony: hey Billy what are you doing?
Billy: about to fuck a shark.
Anthony: FOOL!
by Anthonyislit January 09, 2018
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Name for a person,any type of person.Can be used in anger or friendship.
by John"Appleseed"Chapman July 14, 2003
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Someone who keeps making bad decisions (if they repeat these things then they are a fool queen/king)
Person A: ' guess who I got with last night'
Person B:' Omg no no no not again you're a FOOL'
by Foolqueeeeeeeen March 26, 2017
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when someone over exaggerates or hwne acting to cocky
"man, i was looking so fine last night that guys were passing me their numbers as i walk right by", "this fool"
by idean February 24, 2004
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