A worker on strike; a picketer; slang for a picketer who spends most of his/her time eating and sitting in lawn chairs while wearing confusing, misleading placards. Often heard mumbling threats and the word Scab at people's back.
The picnicker was reading in his lawn chair while attempting to protest his cause.
by Blockade Runner November 19, 2005
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Two words used to describe someone awful without calling them something totally vulgar.
Instead of calling someone a slut, fag, whore or cunt you could use Yuppie Picnicker.
Mya: Did you hear about Veronica last night? She slept with John again.
Kyle: After she got back together with Carter? What a Yuppie Picnicker.
by glacierablaze July 31, 2018
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A new york picnic, picnick
I could take shawty on a lil picnick ya digg?
by newyorka34 April 17, 2021
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