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The-Coach is a gaming legend. Over years of training from the Gamecube version of the popular 007 game "Night Fire" he game a PRO at fps. His Night Fire skills transfered over to the game Halo. The first time he ever played halo, as well as an xbox he beet one of its legends. Now The-Coach is a Halo 2 legend, using his wits, stratigies, and skills to pwn anyone who gets in his way. His halo skills somehow transfer to all other fps games. He was recently showed the world of MMORPGS, which he is mastering. World of warcraft is his game. He plays on Server Frostmane as the tauren warrior named RAGNARHOOF. It seems destiny has choosen The-Coach as the worlds greatest gamer. Being only 15 and mastering almost anygame he touches. He is currently working on a show that shows the struggles of his life called cronicles of teh coach. His catchline is "im gonna teach ya how to play" If oyu ever spot him pwning in Warcraft 3 The Frozen throne give him a holla.
The-Coach is a toal pro.
by The-Coach August 08, 2006
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