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Word used to express shock or disgust. Often used in place of "good lord" when a more intense response is necessary.
Hey lavy, did you hear that Britney Spears is pregnant again?

by BlueV May 26, 2009

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A guy, who is not liked, that is in charge of a bunch of people. Also known as a "dirty asshole."
That coach left me on the bench all season.
by BlueV March 10, 2009

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An older gay man. Meaning is derived mainly from the word 'puff', which refers to a homosexual or very effeminate man.

Growing recognition of this term is actually what led Sean Combs to change his nickname to P. Diddy.
I'll never go in that kinda bar again, some puff daddy tried to take me home.
by BlueV March 10, 2009

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Being exhausted from overindulgence in the gay lifestyle.
After that weekend in South Beach, man I was hummered out!
by BlueV February 16, 2010

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