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"The gibbles" is what a double chin becomes when it reaches its max size..>_<
only librarians can have this.
**Never look directly at the gibble!! It may wink at you and give you nightmares!!**
WOAH!!!! Dude What the hell is that thing?!
It moved I swear!!!
AHHHHHHHH it winked at me NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
by Barrel roll** March 25, 2005
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Like "The Giggles", the Gibbles is a short-term, non-life threatening, uncontrollable, quick horny sensation in your nether regions. Even though they are over quick, the speed at which they repeat is also very quick. It is literally like getting the Giggles, except it feels real good in your pants.

Just as "The Giggles" have the potential to make you extremely happy, The Gibbles have the potential to make you extremely HORNY. WARNING! If you know someone that regularly gets the Gibbles while drunk or high, know that they will most likely try a little something with you. Because they literally make you SO HORNY!

The Gibbles is the result of rapid speed of sexual thoughts going through your mind at once, whether pertaining to pornography, imagination or even someone in the room. It usually starts as just one simple thought, but then escalates, making you hornier and hornier as you keep thinking about it.

The Gibbles can only be satisfied by sexual release, otherwise, varying discomfort may occur. Refer to "Blue Balls" for this phenomenon.
For example, Julie briefly thinks about what it would be like to sleep with Brandon. Julie, as a result, plays the entire sexual experience in her head, very quickly, like a movie-montage, each second making her more and more horny, until she finishes because she thought herself into climax.

Note: The Gibbles is majorly intensified while high, drunk or crossfaded. The horniness is seriously on another level, you may find yourself finishing in a third of the amount of time you usually would. Just be careful, wear protection! And bring your own!

Now, of course that part about climaxing just from a thinking may be a little bit of a dramatization, but I guess it could be possible. ...By the way, nice to meet Urban Dictionary. My name is Julie ;)

The 19 Year Old ShaWol
by AdamChScott May 04, 2014
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