the small crease between the lower butt and upper thigh, much like elbow skin is referred to as the wenis.
Dude, you just got kicked in the gibble.
by Maurice_XU October 9, 2007
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A catch-all verb or noun.
Forms include 'gibbler' and 'gibbling'
When used as gibbling, often synonymous with faggin.
'Hit her in the gibbler'
'My gibble is bleeding'
'Ahh gibbles'
'Just gibbling (faggin) around'
by Beefheart April 4, 2005
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when a girl giggles and dribbles urine at the same time
that joke was so funny that she gibbled all over herself

the worst thing you could do is shart, vurp, and gibble yourself.
by pain killas January 25, 2013
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To cripple, fuck up, mess with, or in some other way screw with someone either mentally or physically.
"Dude, never walk in on your parents, that will gibble you but good!"

"That bitch owes us money, time to gibble his ass."
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sperm, semen, spunk, etc.
She sucked him off until he blew gibble down her throat.
by Drew MacFerguson May 16, 2005
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n., Food. i.e. grub
- see also "giblage"
Im stoned out of my fuckin gourd. Lets hit up some gibble.
by The Duke June 29, 2004
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