This action consits of a line of naked women in a bent over position. Xylophoning is the action of runing while inserting and removing the penis from the begging of the line and going to the end of the line of women. This action is repeated multiple times until ejaculation occurs. The Xylophone is a fun way to mix up group sex.
Man, did you see those girls that Jacob had The Xylophone with last night, they were smokin hot.
by A Town June 2, 2007
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A slang term used in the fashion and entertainment industry (and often in the pro-ana community) to describe visible chest bones in a female due to extreme thinness. Not used with regard to the side of the body but specifically the breastplate due to its xylophonic appearance. Synonymous with xylobone.
"I was trying to focus on the clothes during that fashion show, but I kept getting distracted by those xylophones."

"Whoa, girl, you losing weight? I see some xylophone!"

"Victoria Beckham rocks her xylophone in those red carpet pictures."
by NatashaSP November 28, 2008
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when a male gets an erection while listening to, playing, or just in the presence of a xylophone
When rizwan was playing the xylophone, Alan walked in naked and rizwan got a xylophoner
by TheGrandWizardFromAlabama February 26, 2012
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The only word anyone knows that begins in 'x'.
"X is,..yeah that's it".
by Evan May June 1, 2005
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A melodic percussion instrument made of resonators and wooden keys with a chromatic scale. Mallets are used to strike the keys.
The Nazareth Blue Eagle marching band has rockin Xylophone players!
by kreeta April 1, 2004
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A slang term used within the pro-ana community to describe the visibility of a female's chest / sternum bones due to extreme thinness.

Interchangeable with "xylobone."
"That low-cut dress really shows off your xylophone."

"That model was so skinny, all I could look at was her xylophone."
by NatashaSP October 10, 2008
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banging ones cock on someone's teeth while they are smiling
by huster April 23, 2003
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