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At the moment of ejaculation, the guy punches the girl in the face giving her two black eyes, and then immediately runs out of her house and tips over her garbage cans.
Jesus busted a nut, punched Mary in the face, and then tipped over her garbage cans at the end of her driveway like the racoon he saw in that John Candy movie.
by S.E.S. September 16, 2008
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Having Sex Behind Or Near A Dirty Dumpster, Then Right After You Cum, You Punch The Bitch In Both Eyes, Resulting In 2 Black Eyes That Resemble A Raccon Standing Near A Dumpster
SkaterDude #1 "Dude I got hella wasted off the Modelo and I went to take a piss outback behind the dumpster"

SkaterDude#2 "Then whut?"

SkaterDude#1 "Some drunk girl was there too dude and we fucked!!! She queefed so I gave her THE RACOON"

SkaterDude#2 "Haha right on dude you Punched her in BOTH EYES!!!"
by Real OG PLAYA SHIT October 04, 2019
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a sex move in which the man shits on his hands and wipes it around the girls eyes making her look like a racoon
dude look at that girl, i just gave her the racoon
by dumpster4436 January 31, 2007
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When you make her put on a fur coat ,stick your penis in her butt and give her two black eyes
Last night she was wearing a fur coat so I have her the racoon after she pissed me off.
by rudydude March 06, 2016
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