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When you're having sex with a girl who is on the rag and you pull out and tap the knob of your penis inbetween her eyes which leaves a red spot.
I thought he was pulling it out to put it in my mouth, but instead he gave me The Indian.
by Spearfoo September 29, 2008
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An intimate act in which one male party is maintaining "doggystyle" sex with a female party and, shortly before attaining his ultimate bodily ecstacy, he scalps her.
"Yeah, I thought he was a real gentleman until he pulled the indian on me."
by Friend of bug May 15, 2006
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A foursome position in which the female sits criss-crossed on the floor while three males (preferably homies) stand infront of her. The middle man receives a blowjob while the two on his sides receive handjobs. In order to complete the position, the males must chant in unison, "hey-ah-ho-ah-hey-a"
Bro, we hit it all together with the Indian, it was savage as fuck.
by Boyontheleft October 26, 2016
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