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""The Only Page You Need To Book Mark"" if this page does not get you runnin low on pairs of socks then there is something wrong with your mother
Tom:I can't pitch today
Gump:why not?
Tom:I looked at The Hun all last night
by Haryazz December 10, 2003
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a web site that has tons and tons of links to absolutly awsome free porn.
all i need is the hun to get off
by jon bastile April 23, 2003
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God of all men, created Free porn for all.
Dude I owe my life to The Hun. Im gunna send him some Baby Oil as a sacrifice
by Matt T November 30, 2004
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British slang for Germans, especially during WWI, to imply their "barbarian" nature.

AKA Fritz, Gerry, Krauts, or Square-heads

It's especially funny given that the actual historical tribe known as Huns weren't Germanic at all.
The Hun is feeling snug behind his barbed-wire, but the Tommies will root him out soon.
by fernguts March 03, 2011
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