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that funk on your junk and lips that you thought was a cold sore, but it turned out to be a friendly reminder of that time you went to India
-"Dude! Whats that on your mouth?"
="...Its The Herp. I picked it up last time I was in India..."
-"That sucks! Alot of guys get The Herp when they are in India."
by Shwstppr April 11, 2010
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Herpes. Some people say herpes, some say "the herpes" (see hick), and some say "the herps." If you say "herps" you MUST add the "the." (If not, it just sounds dumb: "I've got herps, man.")
You hit that? You're gonna get the herps, man.
by yeyYAY June 12, 2006
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Another term for herpes, most likely contracted through sex with many partners or one partner with many partners, or even possibly a toilet seat.
I wouldn't hit that, she's got The Herp.
by FlippinJC January 23, 2009
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Another name for herpes, a disease which results in fucking boils all over your dick.
Bro 1: Dude, I think I got the Herp from that slutty ass 'ho last night. Bro 2: Thats kinda tight. Bro 1: Dude I got fucking lesions on my dick, how is that tight? Bro 2: It's tight.
by Miguel of the people February 19, 2009
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