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a euphemism for "this is the last warning you're going to get before we open of a can of whoopass on you!"

warning of impending whoopass
Every Monday morning I get the same E-mail from payroll:

"This is a friendly reminder to submit a copy of your time card at your earliest convenience..." (read: 'If you don't send us your hours for last week asap, you're a$$ is not going to get paid on Friday!!')
by Juarcias October 13, 2009
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A unique audible noise made by a man in attempt to warn his partner he is about to reach climax.
I was about to cum, so I gave Philippe a "Friendly Reminder."
by BigBoyShoes July 23, 2017
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A warning in Fandom posts to Not read the context unless you want to feel emotional pain. They may saline friendly but they arenโ€™t
Friendly Reminder: George Weasley has to live the rest of his life without his twin.
by BOBDAFANGIRL November 24, 2018
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