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A closely knit yet secretive of militia in the United States whose goals are not readily apparent. Its ranks are hidden and very few members are known to "outsiders". The main reason for its existance is said to be world domination but captured opperatives have devulged that its goals far surpass these motives.

While it has remained tight knit a secretive for many years, information was finally released during a mock combat simulation where members of rival organizations stumbled upon one of its key members.

He later announced the following short term goals of The Federation:
1) The establishment of a homeland in the Aleutian Islands
2) The establishment of a communist government in Mozambique
3) The establishment of a captialist nation off the coast of Mozambique (constatuting the first all ship nation to have ever existed)
4) The ultimate destruction or assimilation of all rival factions.
The Federation shall soon take over the world in a single night.
by Lt. Kev. February 28, 2005
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