Mozambique - verb, noun. Term refers to a method of semi-ritual murder with origins in the namesake, by three gunshots at very close range. A victim is first shot twice in the chest, then once in the forehead in rapid succession.
Noun- The gangster was executed in a classic Mozambique.

Verb- The Mafia assassin was ordered to Mozambique the gangster before he could testify.
by David Sohagi June 23, 2005
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A shotgun as powerful as a potato gun oftenly found in the online game Apex Legends.
Joe Bloggs- I need a gun bad!
Aaron Crow- Mozambique Here!

Joe unfriends Aaron on Facebook.

Random player- “Mozambique here
Chorus of every player in the game “STFU”
by Kes Ashley March 19, 2019
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1) A country in Africa
2) to have a mood swing
3) One amazing ass mo'fucker
4) chicka who speaks in code language
5) an all around awesome person

can be shortened to mozam and zambo
1) "I'm going to Mozambique for the summer!"
2) "My girlfriend's having a mozambique, but i love her no matter what."
3) "Dude! I love you, mozam!"
4) "I wish those two girls weren't such mozambiques so I could understand what they're talking about..."
5) "My best friend is Mozambique :)"
by babwe! March 17, 2008
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Mozambique is a slang way of calling someone with a large nose!
This girl over there has a Mozambique!
by D1ablo November 15, 2008
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Extremely sexy person who would never kill anyone. So sexy and strong that even three shots couldn't kill them. It is easily the sexiest man or object you will ever see. Specifically applies to a large dildo or gun.
Woah, that girl is a Mozambique.
by Schwangau February 28, 2019
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Rhyming slang for “keek

Meaning: Extremely negative, terrible, shite, bad; etc.
“These Benson and Hedges fegs are Mozambique.”


Guy1: “How was the date last night?”

Guy2:”Bitch was bush league, total Mozambique”
by Kekistanman May 30, 2018
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a close quarter tactical method of killing a target with two shots to the chest and one follow up shot to the head. the technique may also be called a triple tap, or failure to stop drill. the phrase was coined by a rhodesian mercenary named Mike Rousseau while he was serving in Mozambique. Rousseau later relayed a story to a gun enthusiast and author named jeff cooper in which Rousseau was fighting in the airport in the city of Maputo. Upon rounding a corner armed only with a 9mm pistol he encountered a F.R.E.L.I.M.O. fighter armed with an AK-47 he quickly fired two shots into the torso of the target, when the target was not immediately incapacitated he fired a third round which hit the target through the neck and severed his spine.
great Shooting two to the chest one to the head" "yeah They got Mozambiqued real good
by quickdraw407 February 9, 2011
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