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The perpetrator squeezes the end of his foreskin* while flaccid. He then fires up a form of stimuli to provoke an erection. The goal is to find porn strong enough to conter-act his vice like grip, forcing the head of the penis out of the foreskin like a caterpillar out of a chrysalis. *If the perpetrator does not own a foreskin (Jew, etc) he may attempt 'The silkworm'. This is when the male pushes his penis inside itself like a car cigarette lighter, he then clamps the abomination in his hand and attempts "The Chrysalis". This act is dangerous though and is thought to have accidentally created the worlds first gender reassignment.
MAN 1: Hey dude, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your cock shoot out of your foreskin like the Chrysalis at break-neck speed?

MAN 2: No i haven't.
by DangerRoss May 09, 2011
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