The process of developing, the journey between the cocoon state of a caterpillar through to the transformation of a beautiful butterfly.
She's going through her chrysalis state.
by RachaelRansom August 16, 2010
1: a pupa of a butterfly/insect
2: a protecting covering; a sheltered state or stage of being or growth
A budding writer could not emerge from his chrysalis too soon.
by MoonCricket February 17, 2005
A girl in a stage where she’s not ready for a relationship(waiting to become a worm/caterpillar)
MAIN!! why she gotta be such a chrysalis she’s such a cutie, guess i’ll wait 10-14 days.
by girl in a chrysalis October 16, 2019
Hot latina with long beautiful hair who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Generally with a latina tanned color, hot body, cute butt, great in bed (good to work-out with) , amazing kisser and good in sports. Loves music and guys.

Loves being the center of attention and can achieve anything
Guy: Dammmnn u're a total Chrysalis, want me to get you a drink?

Girl: Thanks for the compliment, I'm soooo a Chrysalis, check-me-out
by missuknowho October 9, 2010
The perpetrator squeezes the end of his foreskin* while flaccid. He then fires up a form of stimuli to provoke an erection. The goal is to find porn strong enough to conter-act his vice like grip, forcing the head of the penis out of the foreskin like a caterpillar out of a chrysalis. *If the perpetrator does not own a foreskin (Jew, etc) he may attempt 'The silkworm'. This is when the male pushes his penis inside itself like a car cigarette lighter, he then clamps the abomination in his hand and attempts "The Chrysalis". This act is dangerous though and is thought to have accidentally created the worlds first gender reassignment.
MAN 1: Hey dude, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see your cock shoot out of your foreskin like the Chrysalis at break-neck speed?

MAN 2: No i haven't.
by DangerRoss May 9, 2011
A villain featured in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This being is so damn powerful, she can only lose if the writers choose to pull something out of their asses and force her to leave for being too damn powerful. Even then, she is only put down for about five seasons.
When is Queen Chrysalis coming back to the show? Seriously, we don't have to wait another 5 seasons, right?
by Dekulife7 July 25, 2017
The chrysalis effect is the result of working hard on securing new personal and professional development skills while quarantined/self-isolating/WFH. Enough time has passed since seeing others that your new persona is the new normal.
The chrysalis effect has resulted in others subtly perceiving him/her differently than they did before.
by julietis April 2, 2020