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Defined as the female's climax in response to sexual stimulation.
My sweet babboo gives me The Big O and I am his slave for a week.
by THE REAL JULIA December 27, 2005
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an animated show about a giant megadeus (mech), the Big O, and it's Dominus (pilot), Roger Smith.
The Big O airs at 1:30 am on Adult Swim
by Paradigm City March 17, 2005
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when several females perform cunninglus to eachother whilst luying in a circle therefore allowing everyone to experience the great pleasures of the tongue
Alex: "where did they all go?"
Mouncif: "The BigO"
by Nomad Mouncif January 29, 2009
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The semi-official, fresh-from-marketing nickname for Omaha, Nebraska. Latest in a number of slogans designed to give Omaha an "image", this one seems to have stuck, the fact that it has not enhanced Omaha's image one jot notwithstanding. Most commonly used in "buy the big O"; i.e., keep your dollars in the local economy.
Remember to support your local retailers and buy the big O!
by regular_gonzalez October 28, 2005
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Montreal slang for the Olympic Stadium, where the Expos baseball team and Allouettes football teams have played at various times. Also home to a large and extremely well done natural history museum. Now vacant, except for large expositions such as the Home Show. Charactorized on the Montreal skyline by the slanted concrete tower with a finicular railway running up to the top. aka: The Big Toilet Built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, but the tower was not finished until some time in the late 80's Meant to be the first stadium with a fully retractable roof, it was not fully functional until the early 90's, but the parachute and cable design proved too unreliable.
U2 will be performing at the Big O this evening.

We should've demolished the Big Toilet years ago, before it became the white elephant it is today. We're still paying for it, all these years later!
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005
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