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1. Canada's periodical historical rag.

2. The former name of 90 year old (now) "Canada's History" magazine. --- The stated reasons are that the name has become so associated with the sexual euphemism that online material by the magazine using its name in the header is being blocked by spam filters.

3. Another term for the sexual act known as "Canada's History".

4. A magazine that began in the 1920's that should have kept it's original name, "The Beaver, A Journal of Progress".

5. The act of AVOIDING search function by changing your business's name from something with lots of search traffic TO something that will rarely get searched outside the Colbert Nation and Canada's youth while working on school projects and papers.

6. Another reason to blame Canada.
Have you looked at "The Beaver" lately?

"The Beaver" changed it's name to "Canada's History"?! That's lame!! Colbert didn't rename his van service that picks up stray cats, Pussy Patrol! ... It's Pussy Patrol(dot)Org by the way! That's very important, it's non-profit.
by InsanitySektor February 06, 2010
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A person who has teeth that resemble a beaver, known to be a complete douche bag and poser who pretends everyone likes them, when in reality, everybody thinks he is an annoying fag. Also, they are homosexual and can also be called a wood eater.
The beaver is such a loser; all his "friends" hate him.
by IAMMYTHIC18 January 09, 2010
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