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1. A large furry rodent with a flat tail that chops down trees and builds dams.

2. Slang for a vagina.

3. A term for a person who goes/has gone to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the beaver is the school mascot.
1. "We went on a nature walk, and saw a beaver swimming around the big lodge it had made."

2. "That chick I banged last night has a sweet beaver!"

3. "The Beavers put another car on top of the dome this morning..."
by luna May 06, 2005

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1. having a strong sexual appeal.
2. (about a womans body) having a large bosom or appealing curves
1. that guy over there is damn sexy, how voluptuous is he!
2. did you see that girl, her booty is so voluptuous.
by Luna January 21, 2005

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incorrect spelling of sophomore, you idiot.
lik OMG dat sophmore iz 2 hott!
by luna May 24, 2004

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Interesting. Amusing. Tasty. All-around good or wonderful. Shortened version of peachy keen.
"Go see this movie. It's absolutely peachy!"
"Everything's peaches with me. How about you?"
by Luna March 15, 2003

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japanese term meaning "half demon" or "half blood"; refers to mythology
Hanyous are mythological creatures with one demon parent and one human parent.
by Luna December 06, 2003

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Someone who's sorting is of an ambiguous nature, and has tendencies, and traits of both Slytherin, and Ravenclaw houses.
"Dood, I totally just aced that potions test. I didn't even study for that; hell, I didn't even pay attention in class! ...That was totally a Slytherclaw moment...."
by Luna December 18, 2004

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1. lower regions of a designated person, place or thing

2. term used to refer to the lower, warmer states in the USA; most are known for having played roles in the Civil War. Often times the people are stereotyped as being closed minded bigots or inbreeding cultural deficient folk. THIS IS A LIE! Southerners are renowned for their hospitallity though this is not true for all. Yes, most of the Southern states played a part in the pro-slave side of the Civil War but people today are more open-minded and educated. People of today can not be blamed for events beyond their control. Also fabled for greasy, salty fattening foods. I need only point out to a northern McDonalds to prove that this is a common misconception although we do make pretty good fried chicken.

3. the south pole
Most of you people don't know anything about the South!
by Luna December 06, 2003

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