meaning certain acts necessitate the involvement of financial exchange rather than being done as a favour. Also used as an excuse for unscrupulous acts of financial gain. Popular with City Boys in London, and Essex
Hornchurch lad ripping off good folk for a quick make..."Business is Business"
by cw325i October 17, 2010
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not cool, not happining
If a dude comes and talks to you and you think he is ugly you tell your friends "that's NOT the business"
by babygyrl September 19, 2005
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An expression used towards someone who has committed an egregious error, social taboo, or idiotic remark.
Dude, you have no business being out in public after what you just pulled.
by dalbort June 03, 2007
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A slang word mostly used in the north east of england for the police.
by Michelle October 24, 2003
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Non-descript excuse someone gives you when they're trying to get out of meeting or spending time with you. Similar to "I have plans". Basically means they're not into you.
Girl: Hey, you're on vacation this week right? Wanna come over and hang out?

Guy: Ummm sorry I can't; I'm busy
by Bitter-girl March 19, 2008
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What some of my friends and I call our 'private parts'
My panties are all bunched up in my business today.
by Flutter October 15, 2006
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It's what's going on I'ts what's happening
That party last night was the business. That new outfit I bought is the business
by "D" Dog August 20, 2005
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