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When your hitting a girl from behind and and her booty keeps jiggling after you're done.
Bro I was smashin ol girl and her booty had The Aftershock and kept on jiggin ohhhh weeee!!!
by G-rock May 09, 2014
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Today we, fans of all fandoms, are going to come together as 1 under the roof of 1 topic we can all empathize with each other about. The Aftershock.
Phase 1: Blank Stare. When the numbness from the realization of what you just watched or read hits you.
Phase 2: Incredulousness. When you look up from whatever it is that's making you feel this way and you realize; the world is still turning. People are talking about school and work and you're just like "NO."
Phase 3: Trying to Get on with your Life. Because the happenings that you've experienced are fictional after all and you, YOU, are a normal human being, and YOU, darn it, will go on with normal-human-being stuff. And you're determined for about 5 seconds.
Phase 4: Denial. *opens book*shuts book* "Nope." *pushes book away* "Nope. nope, didn't happen, didn't see it, didn't read it, nope. No."
Phase 5: Calling a Friend who is also in the fandom that is currently giving you a heart attack, and getting ridiculously upset when you learn that they are "not there yet".
When this happens you turn to tumblr because they have probably watched. And read. And reviewed. And analyzed, and turned into every gif imaginable the thing that is making you cry.
Phase 6: What the Heck Now.(now what?)
Fans of fandoms, you know what I am talking about...We PUT ourselves through this. MULTIPLE TIMES. And there's a sick, twisted part of us that LIKES it. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.
Here's some advice on how to avoid The Aftershock...I'm just kidding. You can't. There's no getting away from this.

Those of you strange creatures called Average Human Beings Who Don't Belong To A Fandom; if you detect these phases coming from someone near you? Stay away. Do not touch. Do not get close. Do not ask us what is wrong. Do not try to HUG. If you have food, like chocolate, plop it in our laps and book it. A fan on edge is not a fan to be trifled with. Like setting off a BOMB.

The Aftershock. Trust me, you know it. Whether it's the finale or if you have to wait a year or 3 years for the next 1. You know what I'm talking about.

"NO.NO.YOU should ALL be in tears. The world should be BURNING. Who cares about taxes when... Snape! How did Sherlock survive that? How did he survive that? He had to have survived that! Why is nobody asking this question?"

"Hey, I'm calling to pay my utilities bill... Who cares about my card number if Nick and Prim are dead! NOTHING MATTERS...hello?"

*opens book**shuts book* "Nope." *pushes book away* "Nope. nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. NO. nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, didn't happen, didn't see it, didn't read it, nope. nope. No."

"How! How are you not on the Heroes of Olympus series yet? Busy? That is not an excuse, now who am I supposed to sob with!?"*sobs*

"Sherlock, no! Snape, no! Edward, no! Ethan no! PERCY! ROSE! HARRY!"

And that's The Aftershock. -CassJayTuck video on youtube "The Aftershock"
by chimericalineffable September 21, 2013
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