What you say when someone tells you something but you don’t care
You got a new phone that’s prim
by I.E.I October 25, 2019
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1. Prudish: Easily shocked by vulgar or obscene language or behavior.

2. Formal and proper: Excessively formal and proper in manner or appearance.

3. Excessively neat and tidy.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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Spanish for "Cuz", from the spanish word "Primo" meaning Cousin, usally said by people that come from Texas, espically the Valley.
Person 1: "Wudd Up Prim"

Person 2: "Que Onda"
by LiL LAZY 956 February 25, 2010
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Prim is a Norwegian cheese. It is also known as mysost. The slightly brown cheese is made from cow's milk and has a soft spreadable texture. Cream is added towards the end of the process. The semi-sweet taste is derived from caramelizing the milk sugars of the whey as it is made.

Primost is made in the same way as Gjetost, but the whey mixture is not cooled as long. It is similar to Brunost cheese, except that Gjetost is made from a combination of goat and cow's milk or strictly goat's milk. These caramelized cheeses are often served with dark bread or Norwegian flatbread, as a dessert cheese, or as a cheese melted into a variety of food dishes.
Ari: Hey Don, do you have any Prim?
Don: No i ate it all, sorry.
by I beat my virgin kid October 30, 2020
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A sweet person how gives more to other than should, Super generous but is most definitely really strong Does more than one hobbies loves to try new things and if she does something she does it good she’s super loving SUPER CREATIVE
How my prim is so sweet and angelic
by Austinegenus November 29, 2021
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One who can not hang with the big boys; scared to take risks and tries to be proper.
Why won't you do a funnel you prim? or... Look at Marc primmin at the bar drinking a martini while his boys slug beers and pound shots.
by JBBBB October 14, 2008
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Short for 'primative' in the online virtual reality software, 'Second Life'. It is the basic building block by which all in world objects are made. Each prim can be shaped, textured, animated, and stacked with other prims to create complex virtual objects. They can also have a special script attached to cause the object to react to interactions from in-world avatars.
To start building your house, point on the ground and choose create, then choose the basic shape of your prim from the options in the edit window.
You may only have a limited number of prims in your 512 square meter area.
by Rusko January 11, 2008
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